Find Your Spark! 

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Do struggle to see your purpose?
I felt the same way until I discovered that exploring my personal story was the key to unlocking my unique impact. 

And as a heart-centered entrepreneur, STORY is the #1 way to connect with our audience heart-to-heart. 
With Spark! I show you how to do the same. 

Through this step-by-step process, you will find ways to genuinely connect with your audience, 
speak their language, and bring greater clarity to your life and personal brand.

Lydia Eppic in Bookstore. Photo credit: Iyah Aku - ZaireMommy
Hey there! I'm Lydia.

I believe purpose and unique brand are hidden within each person’s life story. Everything you need is already inside of you!

My holistic approach helps my clients uncover their WHY beyond their past hurts and insecurities and build their confidence organically.

As a deep thinker and keen listener, I use these skills to get to the heart of your story. I move through walls that block awareness so that you can begin to see more of who you are and what you truly desire to create. Spark! is a way for you to find places of authentic connection (sparks) with those you serve.

"But I'm not an entrepreneur. Is Spark right for me?"
In two words, "HECK YES!" As servant-hearted women, we easily become so focused 

on supporting others that we lose sight of our purpose in the world. 

Spark will help you discover your unique story and its immense value
In a dark world, Spark! shows you how can shine your light confidently and brighter.


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  Living WELL with Lydia Eppic

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  Living WELL with Lydia Eppic