Let's face it - school can feel tough and overwhelming at times.

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Put that in the middle of a busy schedule, balancing activities and work (plus time to eat and sleep!) and the last thing you need is to be stressed out about your math class.

You need someone who knows how to make complicated ideas simple,
who is patient yet pushes you to do your best,
someone who really gets you...

You need Lydia.

Her mission? To help boost your confidence in math and help you ace your class with ease.
Lydia is a double major graduate from Spelman College and Georgia Tech in Physics and Aerospace Engineering. She started Math and Test Prep tutoring in 2010 and noticed a dramatic increase in my students' performance. 

From Geometry to AP Calculus to SAT/ACT Math, she's learned and taught it all. Lydia has taught in traditional school and homeschool with over 10 years of tutoring experience.

Most important, Lydia is a patient and encouraging tutor who maintains high standards. She loves seeing students who say "I'm not a math person" discover that they are actually great at math!
Lydia loves working with students who are willing to try their best. 
Neurodiverse and creative students love how Lydia adapts to their unique learning styles.

Ready to make math fun and easy instead of a semester-long uphill struggle? 
Join a group office hours session 
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