How to Stop Being Busy and Do What Matters

How to Stop Being Busy and Do What Matters
What does "busy" mean to you?

I recently had a conversation with someone who I had not talked to in a while. We briefly chatted and she commented that since she sees me less I must be busy. I know she meant no harm but "being busy" is not a badge I want to carry.

"Busy" implies overwhelm, lack of direction, and expending energy for the sake of expending energy. Think hamster on a wheel.

As someone who mentally processes a lot, "busy" moments sometimes come. But my goal is NOT to be busy. My aim in life is to be intentional. Here are some key strategies that I use to make that happen:

1) Establish your values. 
When you don't know what you stand for, you don't know what truly matters to you. And if you don't know what truly matters to you, you will find yourself at the whim of everyone else's agenda. Clearly define your values.

2) Set your priorities. 
Identify the top 4 or 5 priorities in your life right now. Once they are in ranked order, check it against the way you spend your time. Your priorities are your values in action.

3) Cut what doesn't match your values and priorities, and keep what does. 
Your time is a valuable container. When you choose to add to your schedule, that very well means something will need to come out. And if there is an activity you're doing that does not reflect your values and priorities, that activity is pushing the busyness needle in your life. Find a way to let that thing go.

4) Protect and maintain your intention. 
This can be the toughest part, especially when it means letting go of relationships or roles that have come to define you. Remember, your priorities are what matters most. It won't be easy but definitely worth it.
If volunteering is taking time away from being available for your kids, let it go.
If you're struggling to start your business because there's always "one more thing" to do, put a cap on those "things" and find a way to move those tasks off your plate.
If you are an "overthinker" needing help with any of these strategies, I invite you to join my free Facebook community. Once you're in, go through the "Bulletproof Your Family" training in the Guides section. Both are free and available to help you move from frustration to freedom. You can DO this.

How To Find Peace And Purpose As A Stay At Home Mom-Even When It's Not Your Jam!

How To Find Peace And Purpose As A Stay At Home Mom-Even When It's Not Your Jam!
Hey friend, lemme get real with you for a minute.

I chose to become a full-time stay-at-home mom just before my son was born. Brian & I made plans and put things in place so that I could step away from my work. 
But just a few months into my SAHM life I realized that only interacting with my daughter and infant son, cleaning the house, and watching Daniel Tiger was just not my jam. 

It wasn’t until I made this shift that I found a sense of peace and purpose.