Sometimes Motherhood Is Hard…And That's Normal

There are many parts of motherhood that are really, really difficult. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely joy, love, and all of that - but there are also moments and seasons that are traumatic. 

And when I say that it sounds serious (and a tad melodramatic) but let's look at what trauma means. Recognizing a potential trauma is experiencing an unexpected event that shifts things in such a way that any semblance of control is now lost. 

When we experience trauma it is vital to experience it, acknowledge that things didn’t go as planned, and process it rather than just letting it marinate or get placed on the back burner. 

You may be thinking, "Well, I have experienced anything THAT bad" but even everyday things like 
* complicated births, 
* kids with health issues, 
* aging parents, 
* job loss, 
* and dealing with a global pandemic 
all count. 

So what can we do about it?

One of the things that tend to happen as we get stressed or overwhelmed is losing connection from ourselves, our family, and our other support systems. 

When we are disconnected we can’t show up and have communion with other people and that creates a lot of isolation. But when we share what we are going through in our lives, jobs, families, etc. it allows us to experience a sense of safety and frees up precious mental space. 

Remember that even though you are a mom you are still human! It is completely normal to have good days and bad days. 

I know it looks like everyone else has it all figured out but we are ALL still learning. 

It is also important to truly understand that we all have different strengths. Some women are warm and fuzzy and great with babies while others couldn’t wait to get their kids to be grown and active so they could be sitting in the stands for soccer or going on adventures together. 

It is all normal and all ok, I promise. I’ve been there and it's part of my ongoing journey.

Another good way to connect back to yourself, and in turn others, is to make sure that you are taking time each day (even if it is just a few minutes) for personal growth. 

This could mean listening to a podcast while you empty the dishwasher or journaling each evening before bed. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy but when you take even five minutes a day that is just for you it can make a really big difference in how you feel. 

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You can be a mom and live unapologetically 💜 
I hope to see you soon! xx


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