Healthy Lunch Ideas for Plant-Based Eating
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As a kid, I loved when my mum made my lunch. It was rare since she worked full-time but I remembered how I felt loved when she made me something special.

Nowadays the struggle continues with feeding our families healthy options. But that takes planning and work and time feel strapped as it is! Grabbing a Lunchable or trusting the school cafeteria menu may work in a pinch but in most cases, they are overly processed foods with little to no nutritional value. You're doing the best you can, no one can deny that... and what if there was a simpler, healthier way without being extra?

There's a story from thousands of years ago about a young scholar in the Middle East who recognized the value of clean eating for clearer thinking. The man's name was Daniel, and he and his friends made a wager that they could eat a simple whole-foods plant-based diet and come out smarter and healthier than their fellow students eating rich, decadent foods. 

And guess what happened? 

After just ten days Daniel and his friends won the bet, with an improved appearance and increased capacity to learn and judge wisely. I know I want that for my crew!

Here’s a walkthrough of how we create and pack a plant-based lunch. The goal is to meet my kiddo's nutritional needs as well as have some fun and color thrown in.

1) Choose a plant-based protein.
meal plan so that there's enough for a family dinner and work/school lunches. You can also make sandwiches or a loaded salad with protein added (chickpeas, walnuts, etc.).
2) Pair it with a carbohydrate. This is a side piece to the main show. Think brown rice, 
tortilla chips, or sprinkled cinnamon on toast - something quick and easy.
3) Add a colorful fruit and vegetable. This is the pizzazz factor! Let the kids choose their favorite veggie and fruit to add to the box. We like sliced bell peppers, cucumbers, pineapple, and grapes to name a few.
4) Hydration. Keep those clean and clear fluids going all year round. My kids love a cool bottle of water with a squirt of citrus-infused electrolytes.
5) Fun Snack. Something quick and easy to eat on a mini-break. Crackers with nut butter, golden raisins or veggie straws are their current faves.

I hope this five-step process helps you dive into plant-based lunches! If you'd like more guidance, check out my 
pantry checklist & meal planner and start making meals like a plant-based pro.


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