Define your Health Why - Is it Really Worth It?

It’s the start of the day, the kids are losing it, and you’re wondering, “What are we gonna eat today?” Chances are you will have some healthy foods, but how much is enough? You’re willing to eat "clean" but your family… not so much.

And the times you have tried to change their diet you are met with pushback - especially when it seems like most health foods are out of the norm. 

Frustrating, right?

Let’s take a moment to redefine why what you and your family eats matters. You may find you are doing much better than you expected! Keep reading to the end for a special something I put together to help.

What you eat can help or hurt your current health issues. 

Is your little one suffering from eczema again? Does your husband struggle with sinus problems? Don’t be so quick to grab a cream or pop a pill - chances are cleaning up your diet will reduce or even eliminate that issue. Most clinicians recommend a minimum of 6 weeks to see a difference. And there are natural tools you can use along the way to speed up your results.

Less processed foods means more stored energy. 

Think about it… when you eat a live plant, you are getting all the live energy of that plant in your body. And the more you process that plant, the more energy you rob from it. So by the time you eat a highly processed food, it is basically dead. So if you are struggling with energy, adding more live or raw foods could be a solution.

Making simple recipes means everyone can help. 

Speaking of, it may feel like it takes a lot more energy to eat cleaner at first! And that’s normal. Anytime you are adopting a new mindset your pattern/memory will resist, which can feel draining. So make it fun! Turn on some music, get the kids involved and stick to simple 1-2-3 style recipes. Healthy eating shouldn’t be punishment, sister. Plus getting your kids to help gets them excited about serving & eating.

You are teaching by example how to care for your body. 

This is a tough pill to swallow, I know. But real talk - how you approach eating, dieting, exercise and the like are mini messages to your kids about how they should treat their bodies. If you are showing them that being healthy is only when it’s convenient or when you want to lose a few pounds, what does that say about their long-term health and body image? When you choose to be intentional about how you fuel your body and share that journey with your children, you are setting them up for future health success.

Now it’s your turn: How well are you doing with your family? Where are your strengths and which areas need some work? Take a quick minute and share in the comments below.

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